The Voss Scientific Inc. Model STG-16 Synchronized Trigger Generator is designed to produce level transitions on the 16 output channels at specific absolute times or in response to an external trigger. In addition, the unit can record the absolute time of level transitions on the external trigger input. The device determines the absolute time from an input IRIG signal or from an integrated GPS receiver.
Multiple STG-16 devices coupled to independent IRIG sources can be used to simultaneously trigger devices at widely separated physical locations. Multiple units can also be used in triangulation applications, such as localization of lightning or similar phenomena.

The STG-16 features an RS-232 and Ethernet interface. The unit can be controlled through these interfaces via a stand-alone software application available on Linux and Windows platforms, or with Voss Scientific Inc.’s DAAAC software. A C-language interface library for Linux or MS Windows is also available.
The STG-16 can persistently (remains when powered down) store complex periodic or single shot event sequences of arbitrary length. In addition multiple sequences can be run simultaneously enabling for example, a complex periodic sequence to run on one set of channels while the other channels can be used for prerecorded sequences triggered through software at specific times.


STG-16 Specifications:
Event resolution for outputs 25 ns standard, based on internal 10 MHz clock; 10 ns, optional
Accuracy of input capture Actual accuracy of the IRIG input + 25 ns, standard (+10 ns, option)
Sequence Reproducibility < 10 ns, sequence to sequence
IRIG Time reference IRIG A (optional); B (standard); or G (optional) input. Use DCL for best accuracy, or analog from 500 mV to 5 V p-p, software selectable. Optional integrated GPS receiver with IRIG B out.

Output level

0-10 V (high impedance); 0-5 V (50 O ), software selectable
Event quantity and rate for community of 16 outputs Up to 511 events (digital level transitions) in a burst can be processed at 40 MHz. Any number of events can be stored and processed at 1 kHz.
Trigger input 0-5 V threshold, polarity, 1M or 50 O , software selectable
Output pulse width <0ns minimum, effectively unlimited maximum; 10ns risetime
Computer control RS-232, Ethernet
Input power AC line 90-264 universal, or 12 V DC (optional)
Mechanical configuration Rackmount, 19 inch wide, Height 2U (3.75 inch)
Persistent sequence memory Approx. 25,000 events.


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