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Voss Scientific's Portable Shielded Enclosure

The Voss Scientific Inc. Model SE-2R shielded enclosure provides a portable screen room for locating sensitive instrumentation in direct RF irradiation environments. The high level of shielding ensures no loss of data integrity even under direct illumination by Gigawatt class high power microwave devices. The unit is designed to be operated in a field environment with integral cooling and rain shields.

The full size removable doors provide unrestricted access to both the front and back of all equipment for easy configuration changes and maintenance.

The size of the enclosure is optimized to provide the maximum rack space but still be portable with even a standard pickup truck.

Depending on the type of instrumentation installed, the unit can hold over 100 channels of GHz-class digitizers, or tens of channels of 10 GHz-class digitizers, depending on the hardware selected.


Large doors on both sides allow convenient access.

Mobile Shielded Enclosure Benefits:

  • A fully portable system can be assembled and fielded with minimal on site setup. Once the system is delivered, it can be deployed in only a few hours.
  • The system can be placed near the test area, minimizing cable length and the signal degradation it causes.
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