Data Acquisition

Voss Scientific provides a complete software solution that allows scientists and engineers to collect valuable experimental data, without the need to write any code. Systems with as few as one or up to hundreds of digitizer channels can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Our software goes beyond simple data acquisition, by providing remote instrument control, full signal path documentation, database archival, and automated data analysis in a fully integrated package.

Acquire module

Why is DAAAC Unique?

DAAAC is the only software package specifically designed for single-shot, high-value data acquisition applications. Designed by experimental scientists and developed by a team of hardware and software engineers, DAAAC software includes over 25 years of ongoing refinement, driven by invaluable customer input and field testing. DAAAC supports key applications including conventional explosives, nuclear weapons safety testing, pulsed power, high power microwave, and pulsed laser directed energy applications.

As a solutions partner with Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Test and Measurement) and Tektronix, Voss Scientific offers complete hardware / software integration solutions to the most difficult scientific problems. We provide turn-key, DAAAC-based systems that include custom software, sensors, recorders, signal path components, computers, shielded enclosures, calibration fixtures, training, and on-site support.

DAAAC is a standard at major national DoE and DoD Laboratories.

Keysight SPP

Tektronix CP
DAAAC Features

Analyze module

Scalable system architecture allows DAAAC to operate on configurations as simple as a single laptop, or as complex as a network of workstations with over a thousand channels. DAAAC supports a variety of instruments including oscilloscopes / digitizers, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, cameras, spectrometers, delay generators, counters, and positioners.

Graphical interfaces allow the user to easily document and display acquisition hardware.

Test parameters and hardware configurations are automatically linked to acquired data. Users have the ability to quickly reload previously used experimental configurations. High system reliability is achieved through full database archival, redundant data storage, and extensive error handling for hardware faults.

DAAAC Analyze Module
  • Ideal for single-shot R&D experiments;
  • No instrument programming required;
  • Fully documents the system configuration;
  • Expandable and network compatible;
  • Cost effective — turn-key systems from $10k;
  • DAAAC operates on COTS computers under Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server);
  • Instrument drivers for Tektronix, Keysight, Agilent, Acqiris, LeCroy, National Instruments, Stanford Research, Ocean Optics, Roper Scientific and many others are available.
CalMan module
DAAAC Calibration Manager
Additional Resources

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